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Frequently Asked Questions 

Why does CAC need a foundation?

Tuition maintains a school, but annual or endowed gifts allow CAC to introduce new ideas and ensure the school's existence for decades to come. As a nonprofit institution, CAC must diversify its funding sources to be able to innovate in the field of education and respond to a growing budget. The Cairo American College (CAC) Foundation works to solicit and accept gifts on behalf of the school. 

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Where does CAC's funding come from?

Contrary to popular belief, CAC is not funded by the U.S. government. The U.S. Embassy in Cairo is one of our founding organizations and provides a small annual grant for specific projects. The only other regular income we receive from the U.S. government is in payment for tuition of government-employee dependents.

CAC is a nonprofit institution funded primarily by tuition payments. In recent years, CAC has successfully raised funds from individuals and corporate partners to support campus improvement projects. CAC's Office of Alumni & Community Engagement, in partnership with the CAC Foundation, is working to expand fundraising efforts for the school. 

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How has CAC's budget changed over the years?

CAC's budget has grown substantially over the years to keep up with our changing world. The budget for 1984-85 was $4.25 million, or $9.5 million in today's dollars, versus $19.5 million for 2015-2016. Combined with the growth in the CAC budget is the tremendous rate of inflation in Egypt. Factors accounting for the budget growth include the ever-rising costs associated with: attracting and retaining top faculty, maintaining aging infrastructure while updating and modernizing the campus, and investing in new instructional technologies.

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Why give to CAC?

Whatever it is that motivates you to MAKE A GIFT – pride in your child’s accomplishments, commitment to international education, the memory of a teacher at CAC, supporting people in need, ensuring CAC's legacy in Egypt or simply the joy of giving to others – we truly appreciate everyone’s generosity and value your personal engagement in our community. See our current giving opportunities for ways you can have an impact. 

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How much should I give?

Whether your gift is time or money, every gift counts! Please make a donation that is meaningful to you. To maximize your gift's impact, please contact us.

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Will my gift be recognized?

Yes, all gifts are recognized. Names of donors are listed on our "Thank You" page for the academic year of the contribution. The list does NOT include the specific amounts donated. When making your gift, please be sure to let us know under which name(s) you would like your gift to be recognized. Gifts may also remain anonymous by request.

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Is my gift tax deductible?

For donors filing taxes in the US, gifts to the Cairo American College Foundation (a 501c3) may be tax deductible. Please consult with your tax advisor for information specific to your situation. All other gifts are not tax deductible. For more information, please contact us.

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Can I designate my gift for a particular project?

Yes. Gifts to the CAC Foundation may be designated to a specific project or program listed as "Gift Designation" on MAKE A GIFT or in discussion with the Alumni and Community Engagement Office as approved by the CAC Board of Trustees. 

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Does a donation increase my child's chances of admission to CAC?

No. A financial contribution to the CAC Foundation is a sign of support for the students and the school, but it does not influence decisions on admissions. All students and families will receive the same high level of service from the school regardless of whether or not they make a gift to CAC.

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