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Renovation of the CAC Theatre 

Our Vision 

Throughout the history of CAC, parents and friends have invested to make the school a better place. The spaces where students spend their days, years, and even decades were built and given life by the families and friends of our community. Outstanding educational programs require excellent facilities. By funding campus improvements, we can ensure that students will have excellent academic and co-curricular experiences for years to come.

Our Priority

The CAC Theatre — a cornerstone of the CAC community experience—is a reminder of CAC's long and rich tradition of excellence and innovation in education. It also serves as a gathering place for our greater community, providing space for exhibitions in the arts, thought-provoking lectures, student-led events, and moving performances.  This year we invite you to help breathe new life into this space so it can continue to touch the lives of generations to come.

This year our new middle and high school drama teacher Oliver Orion tasked drama students with an exciting new project. To gain a better understanding of the equipment needed for a theatre to function, students are conducting a year-long needs assessment for our theater. 

These students will identify the equipment and upgrades that they will need in order to become stronger practitioners of the theatre arts. Already our students have identified a need for new seats from which CAC families and friends can enjoy our annual productions. 

"The CAC Theatre has served as a centerpiece of the community since it was built in 1982. After 34 years of near constant use, our venerable space is showing its age in the frayed carpet of the foyer and the damaged seating. We would like to bring the tradition of the CAC Theatre back into elegant form while also moving the program into the 21st Century by investing in smart, energy efficient LED lighting, an updated safe scene shop, and computer design software that gives students an introduction modeling and drafting skills they can apply in many industries...

Theatre students participate in a living dialogue between art and the broader public as performers, designers, directors, and creators. The theatre building itself is the epicenter of this activity, offering opportunities to engage in theatre-making at a level that is truly rare in secondary education. Students emerge from this program with artistic, technical, and critical thinking skills that position them to enter a very broad range of higher education programs from public relations to engineering to fine arts. If the economic disruptions of the 21st teach us anything, it is that one must be prepared to improvise and connect diverse fields of study to solve social problems or innovate new technologies. This broad, pragmatic, and growth-minded perspective is exactly what theatre education can offer our CAC students.” 

- Oliver Orion, high school drama teacher and theatre director 

Ways To Give 

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