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Gifts to CAC have helped shape the lives of generations of CAC students, faculty, and families.  Read about your impact - and that of others - in the articles below. 

  • 10/20/2016 1:43 PM | Sarah Shalash

    When passing through the lobby of the CAC theater, you’ll see CAC’s newest gift of artwork: a stunning glass mosaic. Elhamy Naguib, parent of alumni Camelia ’93, Wanis ’96, and Silvana ’00, created this original piece in memory of his wife Carol, a beloved member of the community, who taught at CAC from 1975-1987.

    The mosaic was inspired by Elhamy’s 1974 painting, “Paradise Before Sin”, which holds a special place in the Naguib family history. As Elhamy tells it: "I painted this huge painting to cover an ugly wardrobe in our first apartment. Being totally in love, I found this theme fitting for our aspirations. Adam and Eve and the rest of the garden of Eden, in a hide-and-seek fashion, was a good conversation piece and a start on a dialogue for our elusive Utopia." Over the years this piece has travelled with the family from Egypt to the US and back.

    Elhamy contacted the CAC Alumni Office in April 2015 to inquire about the opportunity to share the artwork in mosaic form as a memorial to Carol’s legacy and her love of CAC. The family contributed and sought additional funding from friends to make the mosaic a reality. Twenty individuals donated to their fundraising campaign. Unused funds will be donated to Health and Hope Oasis, a supportive care center in Egypt that provides nutritional, physical, and emotional wellbeing for children with cancer and their families.

    Be sure to stop by the theater to see this beautiful new installation that is a true labor of love. CAC thanks the Naguib family and all individuals who contributed to the installation.


  • 12/01/2015 4:24 PM | Sarah Shalash

    Bryana K. Tucci's #MeetADiplomat video for the US Embassy Cairo.

    Bryana K. Tucci '06 was a "lifer" at CAC, spending all of her school years in a culturally diverse, challenging environment that prepared her well for her current career as a U.S. Foreign Service Officer. We asked Bryana to reflect on one particular CAC memory - her experience as a student in Model United Nations (MUN) and recipient of the Dan Andrews Memorial MUN Scholarship. Here is what she had to share:

    "Nearly ten years after graduating from CAC, MUN still ranks as one of my top five high school endeavors. Under the dedicated leadership of Dan Andrews and Lamia Mazhar, my involvement in MUN unleashed remarkable opportunities to interact with students from around the world in both social and professional settings; to practice my prepared oratory and impromptu speaking skills; and to lead my talented and ambitious peers in our prestigious CACMUN Conferences and in other MUN conferences outside of Egypt.

    Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, where I earned my master's degree, teaches that successful leadership and policy-making require personal relationships amongst professional counterparts. Looking back, I realize that MUN is an ideal setting to practice this craft. During MUN trips to The Hague (THIMUN) and Beijing (BEIMUN), I spent the evenings in social settings befriending individuals with whom I had diligently debated major policy issues earlier that same workday (and again the next).

    As a high school senior, I was the third and last recipient of the Dan Andrews MUN Scholarship to have had the privilege of participating in MUN under Mr. Andrews' leadership; thus, the scholarship in his name was especially poignant and personal to me. After my CAC graduation, I carried the lessons that Mr. Andrews taught me, and the honor the scholarship bestowed, to the United States Naval Academy. During my tenure there, I led a delegation of Midshipmen to the collegiate National Model United Nations in New York City, and was chosen to represent the Academy in several other multi-faceted leadership roles and at international public speaking events, including at the 2007 Annapolis Peace Conference for the Middle East.

    Fast-forward to my present-day position as a Foreign Service Officer: I have recently completed my first overseas tour as a diplomat in the U.S. State Department, which was, rather serendipitously, at the U.S. Embassy in Cairo. I am currently preparing to embark on my second tour as a counter-narcotics officer in Bogota, Colombia."

    The Dan Andrews Memorial MUN Scholarship honors the memory of a dearly loved teacher who died in 2004. Among other interests, Dan was dedicated to the spirit and accomplishments of the CAC Model United Nations (MUN). This scholarship is awarded to a graduating senior who is involved in MUN.

    The Dan Andrews Memorial MUN Scholarship Fund has supported a total of seven students. If you would like to bestow this honor on more outstanding students, please consider contributing to this fund online.

  • 11/05/2015 4:30 PM | Sarah Shalash

    Principal Bailey greeting middle school students as they enter campus; the new middle school building

    A Conversation with Courtney Bailey (CB), middle school principal

    How has the new middle school building changed the experience for students?

    CB: The new middle school gives kids a sense of ownership, since each grade level has its own floor with its own common area. There is more opportunity for bonding within grade levels, which is so important at this age level. The development process matriculates quicker because the sense of intimidation by older students doesn’t come into play. It gives them a sense of identity as a grade level - it allows them to always aspire to go up one more floor. The students flourish in the change. We have less behavioral problems than we did in the other building, and students have adapted quickly to the changes.

    The middle school always seems to be full of life and color. What have you done to achieve this learning environment?

    CB: I want it to be a welcoming place for kids where their work is constantly on display. They have to come on campus and see something that’s theirs. I want them to have a sense of belonging and say, “that’s my home.” We also now have the opportunity to showcase students’ art on a regular basis in the middle school art gallery, in addition to two beautiful adjacent art rooms that middle school students have all to themselves.

    What does the new middle school now offer for the classroom experience?

    CB: Our teachers have told me they enjoy teaching more in this new building and they now have the opportunity to collaborate more with colleagues and involve parents. Our classrooms are all bright, adjacent to each other, and have dividers that can be opened as a showroom for parents or for the creation of a learning center.

    What else makes the new middle school different?

    CB: The old building had scattered spaces and didn’t provide a central area for any particular grade level. The new building offers common areas by floor and areas such as a new cafeteria, an auditorium, and two black box theaters, where they can learn the craft of theater and become technicians as well as thespians. They also have a state-of-the-art design technology lab of their own and a breakout amphitheater that gives students a chance to get outside and perform.

    Gifts from CAC’s corporate and individual supporters resulted in CAC’s new and improved Middle School building. This renovation was part of CAC’s Master Plan: Phase 2. Please see our giving opportunities to learn about how you can be a part of Master Plan: Phase 3 and make an even greater impact on today's campus and students.

  • 11/04/2015 4:26 PM | Sarah Shalash

    "The Deana Blanchard Scholarship recipients that I knew were all people I admired. They were kind, talented, and wonderful human beings. It was almost as if there was a long line of students, starting with Deana, whose very existence seemed to add a little bit more sunshine to the world. When I received the scholarship, I was overwhelmed at the thought that other people might feel the same way about me. Whenever I think of this scholarship, I am humbled and incredibly grateful to be one of its recipients.

    Since graduating, I have put the scholarship to good use. I currently attend Bennington College, a small liberal arts school in rural Vermont. I study acting, directing, stage management, design, and animation (along with the occasional course in Japanese, history, science, or playwriting). The fact that I was never limited to just one theatrical discipline in high school gave me an appreciation for all areas of visual and performing arts. CAC equipped me with the tools I need to think outside of the box, solve problems, and take inspiration from just about anything. This drives me to seek out, discover, and create unique opportunities. It’s a lot of work, but the payoff makes it worth it, and the community makes it fun. I try to find the joy in whatever I do, and being able to do what I love makes it easy."

    Jacquelyn Victoria Nation '14
    2013-14 Recipient of the Deana Blanchard Scholarship

    The Deana Blanchard Scholarship Fund honors the memory of Deana Blanchard, a CAC student who died on October 9, 2003. Deana was a member of the Class of 2004 and is remembered for her beautiful smile, which conveyed her caring and friendly nature. Deana’s parents, brother, and friends came together to keep Deana's legacy alive and help outstanding CAC graduating seniors attend the college of their choice.

    Since it was established, the Deana Blanchard Scholarship Fund has supported a total of 12 CAC students. If you'd like to help a graduating senior with his or her college expenses, please make a gift to this fund.